Princeton High School
Class of 1966

We held our 50th high school class reunion September 16-18, 2016!

What you see here is the official PHS Class of '66 event logo developed for our 50th class reunion. Perched atop a landscape scene that includes the small town water tower of our childhood and "Class of '66" is our "Tony the Tiger" PHS team mascot. Of course "PHS" and "50th Class Reunion" round out the elements.  This event logo was used in all reunion related communications.

Continuing beyond our 50 year anniversary, this website serves as a central gathering spot for us goint into the future as long as it delivers value to us.

Among living classmates, we had about a 2/3 turnout for our reunion events. If you're new to our website please join us, including a profile, bio, and uploading a recent photo. Let us know what you've been up to lately so the rest of us can have a connection with you as we go forward in time past the half century mark! 

To get around on our website, you'll want to navigate through all our sections found along the top left side of your screen. If you don't see the menu, scroll up until you do. Click on each section and join in the fun! 

TIGER TALES is a place where you can broadcast to the rest of us things you think are informative. Perhaps news about one of our classmates, or something you think all of us should keep in mind for the upcoming reunion, etc.

Visit the GETTING STARTED page (at left) to see how you can get registered as a classmate on this website!

Visit the PRODUCTS page to see some things you might be interested in.

Visit the CLASSMATES page to see what your other classmates have posted. Use the "Sign Up" button to create your own classmate profile. In your profile, you can upload a recent photo of yourself, post a message to your classmates, and much more!  There is also a place for a "Then" photo but, if you'd like, we can fill that in for you after you fill out your profile.  We have all the senior pictures scanned, and we can drop yours into place, no problem!

In LIFE STORIES, we're posting each of our life summaries that you provide in the your "Bio" in the Profile section. A way to get a heads-up on each of us before attending our event! You can also directly enter the information here instead of the "Bio" section when you see it on the sign-up form.

The CLASS LIST page names everyone who's listed as graduating seniors in the 1966 PHS yearbook, plus others who were in our class along the way.

IN MEMORY is a listing of all our classmates who have passed away over the years (24 out of the original 110).

The SCHOOL LIFE page is a place to keep track of teachers, school bus routes, and country schools. And anything else that was a part of the daily fabric of our lives as students.

The PHOTO ALBUMS are way cool!  Here's your place to submit photos you think might be of interest to all. WE have separate albums for photos of you and your family (or friends), for photos of Princeton, photos of our school days, and photos of our reunions. Note that all content submitted to this website must be approved by the site administrators.

STORIES is also another great place where there's space to tell a story and also post a picture relating to your story!

We have a number of wacky awards waiting for you at our Saturday night event. You can look them over in the REUNION AWARDS section.

HOBBY CENTRAL is a place to "gather around the water cooler" and share your experience in your special interests and hobbies with others. And — perhaps for you — a place to pickup a new hobby or pasttime!

In the SURVEY, we let our hair down and get a little wacky!  It's all in good fun, and we hope you're amused by reliving our childhood experiences through a child's sort of irreverent attitude.

The DONATIONS page is for anyone interested in contributing to our effort to continue the website and bring future reunions to you!

For info on lodging, restaurants, and leisure activities in your old stomping grounds, click PRINCETON AREA. (And you'll find it does double duty as our website's stealth nostalgic "short story"!)

Use the CONTACT US link to contact your reunion committee with any questions you might have. 

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? is very cool!  Once you all sign in and fill out your profiles, you end up as a map pin. Now we can see how far and wide we've spread out across the country! Note: this page is sometimes quirky and doesn't always activate when you select it. If this happens, try first selecting another menu item at left and then re-try "Where Are They Now?"  If that doesn't work, try closing your browser and reopening or try signing out and then back into our site.

Bookmark this website so that you can return to check out what’s new with your class, what events are being planned, see what your classmates have posted, and stay connected.  

Use the buttons below to share this website with your classmates on the social networks so that they can join you here!  

Your classmates are waiting to hear from you!

Your reunion organizers are:
George Sanford, Committee Chairman
Mike Heymer, Communications Manager and Website Developer
Carolyn (Olene) Braun, Treasurer, Social Media Mgr. & Website Administrator
Alan Deglmann, History Detective and Flickr Photo Site Manager
Jean (Bartz) Jackson, Reunion Coordinator for Life

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